Other Equipment

Hot Air Ovens:

Supply and erection of S/S hot air ovens for drying powder, complete with S/S trolleys and trays.
Laminar Flow:
Supply and erection of S/S vertical and horizontal laminar flow for sterile areas and laboratories. Each laminar flow system is designed to meet individual customer’s needs.
Weighing Booth & Mortrooms:
Weighing booth with a single pass air flow type system. Each weighing booth is designed to meet individual customer’s needs.
 Vessels & Mixers:
Design, fabrication & erection of tanks for storage, reception, mixing, etc. Vertical or horizontal tanks, surface or underground, single or double jacketed, with mountings for heating and cooling.
Design, supply and erect complete boiler plants, horizontal and vertical boilers, water softeners, heat exchangers and correlated equipment. 


Ratomag Trading & Engineering is a limited liability partnership that started its operation in Egypt in 1975 and has since executed thousands of projects serving various industries including hotels, hospitals, institutions and factories. Ratomag currently employs over 200 well trained employees responsible for the design, supply, installation and after sales service.

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