Boilers, Pressure Vessels & Correlated Equipment
Manufacturing & installation of complete boiler plant equipment such as steam & hot water boilers, heat exchangers, water softeners etc. All coded vessels are constructed according to ASME VIII division 1 or BS 2790 and certified by Lloyds shipping register


Plant Components & Process Equipment
Supply, fabrication & erection of plant components & process equipment such as nuclear reactors, heat recovery units, calorifiers, flocculators, mixers, agitators, scrapers, ventilating units, stacks, chutes, industrial piping works, etc. 


Tanks, Vessels, Silos, Bins & Hoppers 
Design, fabrication & erection of tanks for storage, reception, mixing, etc. vertical or horizontal tanks, surface or underground, single or double jacketed, with mountings for heating, cooling, separating systems & power driven mixing devices. Engineering and construction of tanks in full compliance with API 650 and ASME codes.


Miscellaneous Equipment 
Manufacturing of standard incinerators, mortrooms, purpose engineered drying cabinets, dryers and belt conveyors for the various industries


Established in 1985 and has since executed the supply, fabrication and installation of hundreds of different mechanical works. Ratomag’s expertise lies in the highly detailed procedures and technical skills involved in the welding and manufacturing of stainless steel, mild steel and alloy steel. 

Our Companies


Some of our Clients

  • Procter & Gamble Int’l
  • Egyptian Tank Plant 200
  • GlaxoSmithKline 
  • Invap Argentina (AEA)
  • Ansaldo - Condotti Italy 
  • LEVER Egypt
  • Egyptian Armed Forces