Your products and processes are important; that’s why we go the extra distance to make sure you have the best clean working environment in which to operate. From initial discussions on your cleanroom requirements, through site survey, design and on to final installation, you’ll find that MRC delivers. MRC’s modular cleanroom system is the most advanced modular system available.   MRC has the industry leading cleanroom modular system manufactured from GRP (glass reinforced polyester). In addition to this MRC manufacture all the necessary cleanroom accessories, included pass through hatches, garment cupboards, doors etc and these are also manufactured from GRP and molded seamlessly within the panel system. No other panel system globally can compete on quality and value.



MRC1200 / 1500 System


  • Do not rust or rot.
  • Have self-finish therefore do not rely on a thin layer of laminate or paint.
  • Excellent chemical resistance properties.
  • Do not require insulation material to achieve thermal and acoustic performance. Insulation materials are liable to shed into the cleanroom space. They are also liable to absorb moisture potentially causing microbial growth and panel corrosion.
  • Have class ‘O’ spread of flame certification BS476 parts 6 and 7.
  • Extremely strong and robust. They do not dent and are scratch resistance unlike metallic systems, which dent and scratch easily.
  • The surface of the panel is smooth and have a matt finish.
  • Many colours are available.
  • Can be repaired invisibly in situ. This feature is not only useful in the event of damage but also if changes in use require services to be relocated. In such events the holes and openings left behind by the relocated or omitted services can be filled and all traces of them completely removed. With alternative products the complete panel would have to be replaced or the holes covered with plates.


Components & Design

MRC1200 System

  • Various panel sizes are available to give the exact room dimensions required.
  • Various panel depths are available to accommodate services and air ducts.
  • Services can be integrated into each panel in the factory.
  • Light units can be integrated into ceiling therefore avoiding the need for expensive luminaires.
  • Supply air plenums can be integrated into ceiling panel.
  • Flush details.
  • Easy to install.
  • Integral wall to wall and wall to ceiling cove.
  • Integral return air wall panels.
  • The ability to integrate service scoops. 




  • Fast and easy to install.
  • Robust. Site damage can be repaired in situ.
  • Panels of same type are interchangeable. 


  • Very low need of maintenance


Ratomag Trading & Engineering is a limited liability partnership that started its operation in Egypt in 1975 and has since executed thousands of projects serving various industries including hotels, hospitals, institutions and factories. Ratomag currently employs over 200 well trained employees responsible for the design, supply, installation and after sales service.

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